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The Spicy Hermit is my favorite kimchi maker. I love all the offerings but if I had to pick a favorite type, it would probably be radish. Or extra spicy napa cabbage. Or maybe turnip. Or maybe.... Okay now I’m basically just listing out many of their offerings. It’s great kimchi on its own, and if you make it into kimchi queso you’ll be able to convert most kimchi skeptics. Love that they sell at the Durham Farmers’ Market and hope to see them in other local venues soon too!
— Heather H. (Facebook)
So unlike my advanced degrees in baked goods, I am new to kimchi! But I like the idea of beautiful small jars filled with fermented veggies, so I tried Spicy Hermit’s cabbage kimchi. And it’s SO good! I toss it in with rice & egg, put it on crackers with some cheese and eat it as is. Can’t wait to try the other veggie types. Go head to downtown Farmers Market and check it out! Yum.
— Elizabeth J. (Facebook)
Very friendly folks! Love the product. Thanks!
— Rebecca M. (Square Feedback)
So glad I got to the Farmers market in time to get some Kimchi! Fell in love with it when visiting my son in Seoul earlier this year. It went very well with vegetables and pork that I made for lunch.
— Susan G. (Square Feedback)
Food factor...its delicious!
— Denise D. (Square Feedback)